STORM COLLECTIBLES King of Fighters Iori Yagami

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Size: 8" tall Approx.

Iori Yagami is the central recurring character and the initial enemy and eventual rival of Kyo Kusanagi in the early King of Fighters series.

Collect all four of the KOF '98 UM characters : Omega Rugal, Kyo, Terry & Lori! (Each sold separately).

Each character will include 1/4 part of the Gravity Smash effect .

Collect all four and you can create Omega Rugal's Gravity Smash effect (each sold separately).

4x Interchangeable head sculpts, 5x Interchangeable hands, 108 Shiki Yami Barai Effect, 100 Shiki Oni Yaki, Flame Effect, 1/4 part of Omega Rugal Gravity Smash Effect.